Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bleeding Shame ARC free review copy.

Download an Advance Reader Copy from using the code.KR52W. I wish to thank you for giving a new writer a chance and I hope you enjoy this book. The book will be released on 15/09/2013. This copy is offered in exchange for your honest review. If you could take the time to add your thoughts to Goodreads,Librarything,, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords; this author would much appreciate it. Thanks, Nora Black Author of Bleeding Shame. BLEEDING SHAME. A novel. Has a world altering invention become temptation for murder? A vicious killer, an improbable story, and a shattering scientific discovery, mingle to create a cocktail of deceptive intrigue. A bright young woman's death has been framed to look like an act of rage during a call-girl rendezvous. A tired, disillusioned cop, her only hope of redemption. Layer upon layer unfold to reveal a conniving conspiracy of global proportions; a conjuring of convoluted wicked twists. Stacey Cornish has been murdered, and her killer has done very little to hide his identity. When his body washes up on the bank of a local river, Detective Frankie Harlow is unconvinced that the man committed suicide. However, when his family come under-fire in a series of vicious attacks aimed at dissuading further interest, Frankie knows that there is more to the murder than first meets the eye. Stacey was a biochemist working on a cure for cancer, perhaps her death had something to do with her research rather than the frame-of-facts posed by the killers. Bleeding Shame is a compelling story that will grab you at the start, pull you along at a breathtaking pace, and shock you senseless with the questions it poses, and the answers it finds. Heart-wrenching, scary and sometimes humorous, it never fails to impress.

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