Review Policy

All fiction genres are accepted.
Our turnaround time is 10-14 days.
We will not accept work that has not been professionally edited.(since it then becomes a review about the author's spelling and grammar, rather than the author's ability to write and/or engage the reader.) reviews are free.
The reviewer receives the book free, but they are not coerced into giving a review that is not anything other than their personal opinion.
Authors are informed, by email, when the review has been completed. If the rating is less than three, and/or the review is particularly unfavorable, the author can select to disregard it and allow it to remain unpublished.
Reviews are posted on,, this blog,, Barnes and,, various other book related websites. The review may be used as an Amazon Editorial review. (Pasted into the appropriate form on Author Central.)
Please note we are not a paid-to-review website, all reading matter is read. You cannot buy a good review from us for a bad book. However, you may request that your book be read by more than one reader.
Send requests including the details of the book you wish reviewed to

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