Saturday, 28 September 2013

Identity X by Michelle Muckley. A Book Review.


This is so much a journey taken in the shoes of, Ben, the main protagonist! We are given air to all his venting angst; should he try to resurrect his tired marriage that has albeit given a final resigned sigh, or would he prefer to embark on an ill-advised romp with his gorgeous and provocative lab assistant. Has his research been driven by the ugly and untimely demise of his father, or has it been the gauge of his own unremitting ambition. Ben's world is turned violently asunder after he invents a remarkable gene altering repair mechanism that will eradicate all inborn predilection to hereditary disease. However, instead of accolade and fame he is dropped into an abyss of ignominy. Suddenly his identity is wiped off the main frame of society, his documents are invalid his existence threatened physically and figuratively.

Ben is in a very scary place; what do his assailant want, why have they stolen his life's work and possibly abducted his family. In a churning, topsy turvy world of intrigue and violence, Ben attempts to save himself, his life's work and his family form the terror of an unknown malevolence. This is a heart-felt tale of suspense, buckle up for a bumpy ride.

Unusual prose, which, at times felt a little wordy for me, but at others proved delightfully poetic; this quote for instance is delicious:
"She loved to visit the smaller districts of the city, where people courted art and culture rather than power and money. She always told him that it was those things that enriched their lives, and that made the world a better place. They would come here early on Sunday mornings when hours dwindled by unaccounted for, where they would sip coffee and eat bagels for breakfast in one of the chafes, or when the weather was fine at one of the small patio tables on the pavement. He passed the flower shop where he would buy her tulips in the spring and roses in the winter, and it reminded him of the early days of their marriage when life was simpler and happier."

All-in-all, I doubt if there would be anyone who would not enjoy this book, the action scenes are tense and dramatic, the characters well drawn and emotionally evocative, and the story well thought out and riveting. A very enjoyable read!

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