Monday, 23 September 2013

Bleeding Shame a Book Review.

The Review:-from Ezine Articles. Bleeding Shame is a thought provoking and provocative novel. It engages the reader immediately in a suspense drama that pivots around the senseless and mysterious death of Stacey Cornish, a biochemist who is supposedly moonlighting as a hooker in order to pay for her beloved brothers expensive cancer treatment. Frankie Harlow is a somewhat jaded, but nevertheless, determined cop who is assigned to the murder investigation. When his own family come under attack, he begins to question the facts of the murder, concluding that there is far more to the case than meets the eye. Frankie is soon convinced that the posed murderer has been framed. This is a carefully constructed rendition of events that lead to a jigsawing of pieces that solve the vexing conundrum. The reader is led along a ever vortexing spiral of circumstance the converge toward a violent climax with more than a few unexpected twists. Nora Black, delves deeply into the mind and quirks of her characters to give this fiction a realistic edge. The Sci-fi aspect, although slight, is intelligently dealt with and well researched. The gentle method used by the author to introduce aspects of science make this read easy on the least and most curious reader alike--a fairly conniving trick. Frankie is a believable protagonist with a lovable if somewhat dysfunctional family. Each member, and indeed many domestic events, are given highlighted staging, which makes this read unusual for the genre. Nevertheless, the tale twisting is charmingly and elegantly handled, pushing this read into the realm of entertainment, above and beyond the mere story. Enjoy a romp on the wild side with Nora Black and her more than lovable Frankie Harlow.

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