Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gone Girl:- cunning, clever, quirky.

If the measure of a novel is how well you might remember it, say, five years from now ... Then Gone Girl will earn high stars from me for that reason alone.

The tale of true love trailing off into nothingness under the strain of real life and serial disappointment, is eloquently told by Gillian Flynn. This is not your average thriller and the first person voice used to allow the reader into the strange world the protagonists make for themselves is a very effective story telling tool. Nick and Amy are utterly believable, they embark on romance with determination, creating for the audience a magic world so intriguing that it becomes increasingly difficult, with the flick of each page, to put the book down. I was riveted from the start.

When the mystery begins, it is a suspenseful thing with a mind of its own, and you the reader, will want to get inside that mind. The whodunit aspect is smartly handled and I doubt that there are many who will guess in advance, not that, that is the premise for the book. Indeed, we are allowed into the secret well before the story has run its course. This is a work about a twisted personality, a one off, an unfathomable lunatic. That said, the controversial elements inherent in the plot that have riled the feathers of many good feminists, are not, in my humble opinion, worthy of ballooning--this is a tale about a special type of crazy, rather than gender-stereotype-crazy. I do not want to spoil the story for the reader, so I'll leave this aspect there. The plot is very sharp; the author has woven 'cunning, clever and quirky' thickly through every tiny strand of the tale. Be prepared for an unusual and wickedly entertaining story that might leave you chilled to the bone.

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