Thursday, 14 November 2013

Perfectly toned YA-Bad Reputation by P.W. Creighton.

To say that a book has personality is a somewhat odd way of drafting a review, but that is
what this book has, and it has it in chunks. It's a youthful personality; full of juvenile delinquency--we can all relate to, and blind young heroism--many of us can only imagine. It's an intriguing personality, a daring one, and in addition it is a personality that possesses a curious mind. Finally, it is a personality that the reader wants to acquaint with, deeply.
P.W.Creighton says in his biography that he has not always been certain of his career destination. All I can say is that anyone who reads this novel will know that the man has definitely found his vocation. I read an enormous number of books, some I like well enough, some I can't even finish, a rare few I adore, and this was one of them. Here the tone is perfectly YA-- from the protagonists angst, captured as he is in his juvenile capacity with all the yearnings of the man he is yet to become, to the frustration at not being able to draw the world in the way he reckons it should be sketched. In a day, life changes dramatically for Logan and his friends in a manner that will have the reader flipping the pages to uncover the mystery that lies at the heart of this wonderfully told tale. I think this author is on his way to the fabled realms of fortune and fame, and with every new work he offers I will be there to buy his books, and thereby, hopefully, contribute something to the journey.

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