Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fearsome Wolves to Feed your Fantasy. The Tempering by Adrianne James - A Book Review.

I've read a lot of paranormal fiction. This read, however, puts a spin on the werewolf fable that makes it resonate with a sense of reality often absent in similar books. I did not like Mackenzie to begin with, but as the story grew and the character gained depth, I found myself warming to her. Indeed, I began to worry for her and hope for some equatable solution to her horrifying fate. You see, Mackenzie, turns from somewhat badass, but otherwise normal Harvard wannabe into a raving, ravenous beast of the full moon. Her confusion is both confounded and allayed when she meets others of her kind--allayed in that she discovers secrets that assist her understanding. Confounded, in her desperate and uncontrollable attraction to the alpha-male were, Geoff.--Her self-loathing filled personal journey into the heart of the wolf, is both dreadful and vicious, but it is also emotive... we want Mackenzie to win, and that turns this book into something far more than an average page turning thriller. This is a wicked, stealthily hunt of denial--A view of an existence best imagined in a well lit room, an existence to be feared.

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