Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wrecking Ball!

Oh! Be very careful here, it is so easy to dismiss Miley Cyrus as some over puffed piece of fluff looking for attention. No, this girl has a very serious talent, and her emotion resonates through every note, on every string throughout her lyrical prose in "Wrecking Ball". I adore her, I implore her: give us more! This is not a tantrum, this is a young girl pushing the boundaries of her ability to see where it might lead her. She does not remind me of Sinead( despite how much I loved her in my youth) this girl is Cyndi Lauper, she is Stevie Nicks... Patti Smith, I applaud her--her guts, her strength and I wish her luck in a world of semi-human robots who simply do not get it! However, even I wish she'd show just a little less tongue.

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