Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dust by Robert Williams a short story review.

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Blurb:-Billionaire adventurer Stan Owens has everything, success, fame, all the luxury money can buy... until a plane crash leaves him stranded in the desert. Alone in a hostile environment, he makes a horrifying discovery in the desert wastes. This is a frightening new short story by Robert Williams, the acclaimed author of "Peculiar, MO."
Review:- Stan Owen is a billionaire risk taker. He is so enamoured of his image as a high-flying larger than life know it all, that he does not find it necessary to carry a cellphone with him during his aerial adventure in a very old, typically elegant, plane. When he lands sans water, navigational equipment or food in a challenging desert-like environment he has to reassess his sense of his own worth and the things he finds important. This is an at times gruesome, at others poetically told story that will have you riveted to your screen until the bitter, horrific finale. Few short stories maintain perfect pace, while spinning a descriptive engaging yarn; THIS IS ONE!

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